ACONET is a company that was born from the desire to provide web design solutions and software applications in Romania and abroad. The experience and dedication of our team makes ACONET company one with a perspective and who tends to extend the scope of clients and services available.
We are active in this market segment because now this knows an exponential growth, and investment and resources allocated by Romania in this area are not sufficient. Practically all companies, from small to multinational, greatly expanding the online environment, so the need for specialists in this field has grown a lot.


Aconet aims to inspire and encourage people to access the online environment, thus developing access to information in real time. We want that throw our quality of service and professionalism to win the respect and gratitude of our customers and partners. Our mission is complex and likely to reach, which makes us confident in this project.


We believe that together with our partners we can develop the social and economic environment in Romania and abroad, push people to overcome themselves, to knowledge and continuous and sustainable development. The growing trend of online is supported by all high environmental technologies and for the fact that these segments should be fully exploited both by the private sector and the institutional.


We support diversity, freedom of expression, excellent service, and communication and development through knowledge. With a good attitude we managed to attract some partners who share our ideas for development. Through continuing education, creativity and commitment we want to make our projects a success.


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